7-Spike Pinwheel

From goosebumps to painful pricks, the 7-Spike Pinwheel will have a wide range of sensations for any level of player.

7-Spike Pinwheel

Gently caress your bound and blindfolded sub boy's skin with the seven spiked wheels on this unique toy, and you'll see his skin dance with goosebumps. Add a little more pressure, and hear him moan and wriggle in his bondage, especially when you drive the wheels over his more erogenous areas like the bottoms of his feet or groin.

Crafted to deliver a wide range of sensations from tickling to painful pricks, this tool is something every Dom should have in his toolbox.

If you need to, just spray with a little Cavicide according to its usage instructions to sterilize the stainless steel.

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