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Cobra Air Lock + 10 Serial Locks

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Cobra Air Lock + 10 Serial Locks

This clever little pin was designed as a replacement to the brass hitch lock used in the X Lock Cobra Chastity Device. This pin is made with the same material as the X Lock device, so it will be just as durable, easily cleaned, and looks like it’s a part of the original cage.

This Air Lock pin and plastic locks are useful in a variety of situations:

  • When the wearer is traveling by plane or anywhere where there are metal detectors.

  • When the wearer and keyholder are separated by distance, it is useful to have a plastic lock that can be cut if there is an emergency.

  • If the wearer is going to be swimming often or they know their cage is going to be wet a lot; a plastic lock will not rust.

To use the Air Lock pin, make sure you thread the plastic lock through the pin before inserting the pin into the cage. Be careful when inserting the pin, as some serial locks can be a bit delicate at their connection points and will break if forced. Practice inserting the pin several times off the body, then you’ll have no trouble getting it on your sub when it’s time for a lockdown.

Extra Serial Locks can be found here.

Only compatible with the Cobra Chastity device.
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