Crackstuffers Suppository - 4 Sizes

You're going to love slipping down the smooth shaft of the Suppository. Once you're past the bulbous head, your hole will clutch the narrower shaft. Available in four sizes so when you've mastered one size, you can graduate to the next.  


These toys have an easy to swallow head with a gentle taper so the toy sinks into your hole after you reach the widest point. Bounce up and down on this toy, or let it glide in - the choice is yours.

The Crackstuffers team is world renowned for their signature blue dildos, buttplugs, and butt toys of all shapes. Each design is carefully sculpted to give you the best ride. All their toys are made with a Phthalate free vinyl – sturdy yet soft, and easy to clean with soap and water. Do not use the dishwasher for these toys and store them separately from other silicone or latex toys.

Within the United States, these toys are sold exclusively at the one and only Mr. S Leather.

Information for the User: The sleek design of this plug requires special attention. We suggest using this toy with at least two players. Avoid getting lube on the blunt (back) end of the plug which will make gripping the plug easier. When you are ready to remove the plug, relax and simply push the toy out. Clean the plug with warm water and an antibacterial soap and allow to air dry.


Length Insertable Length Widest Diameter
Small 8.6" / 22cm 7.87" / 20cm 2.24" / 5.8cm
Medium 10.2" / 26cm 9.44" / 24cm 2.67" / 6.8cm
Large 12.2" / 31cm 11.41" / 29cm 3.38" / 8.6cm
X-Large 13.8" / 35cm 12.9" / 33cm 3.81" / 9.7cm
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