Fetish Pads - 15 Pack

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Great for fisting, watersports and gunge play. Just use one, or tape a few together, and place it under your sling or wherever you’re playing. When things wrap just toss the disposable pads in the trash.

Fetish Pads - 15 Pack

Whether your scene involves fisting, watersports, gunge play, puppy play, or even wax play, this ultra-absorbent pad is guaranteed to protect furniture, carpet, and upholstery from up to a litre of fluids. Since it’s disposable, even your filthiest fun is an easy clean up. These absorbent sheets blend into the scene with their matte black color instead of a stark white like other pads.

Each pad unfolds to a 23.6” x 35.4” (60x90cm) rectangle. Place the mat on the surface you want to protect with the shiny side underneath.

Latex free and skin safe.

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