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Neo Sport Phone Holster

The Neoprene Sport Holster is built to carry your keys, phone, and a couple cards easily on the waistband of your favorite jockstrap.

Neoprene Sport Holster

Open the top flap/backing and thread the back panel up through the waistband of your favorite jockstrap to secure your new Sport Holster in place.

The large pocket is big enough to fit modern phone sizes, and will hug even the bulkiest of cases. On the inside there is also a handy card slot to hold a credit card or room key.

Check out our Custom Color Sport Holster if you're looking to match the rest of your neoprene gear.

Care & Cleaning

Gently hand wash with a little dish soap and room-temperature water. Do not bleach or iron. Hang dry only, in a place with good airflow. Do not apply heat.

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