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Peg Away Putty: Make It Yours! Kit

Square Peg Toys

Peg Away Putty: Make It Yours! Kit

Introducing Peg Away Putty™, the first ever 100% Platinum grade silicone putty for modifying your favorite silicone toys and plugs. Peg Away Putty™ is designed to be used on silicone toys that you already have, to make them more interesting, more fun, and better able to do things you always wished your toys could do.

Peg Away Putty™ is yet another game-changing innovation from the creative mind behind SquarePegToys®. Everyday in the studio, Scott gets to create whatever toy might strike his fancy, but now he’s put the power of imagination and creativity into your own hands.

This kit comes with enough Peg Away Putty™ so you can personalize your silicone puppy tail in most any way you can think of. Distinguish yourself from the pack! Now you finally have a way to have a tail as unique as you are.

Comes in basic color options to permit blending and shading, so the palette of colors you can create is virtually boundless. There are 2 types of kits available.

The Base Colors contain a baseline bright version of the color, along with a touch of black to allow you to get deeper and darker shades. Black and white of course, just contain the black and white.

The Blending Kits have the Base Color required, plus the one that you will need to add to obtain the entirely new color. Before you begin please check out these instructions that provide all the info you need to successfully create a tail that is all yours!

Base Colors :

Black Black only
White White only
Blue Blue with a trace of black for shading
Red Red with a trace of black for shading
Green Green with a trace of black for shading
Brown Brown with a trace of black for tinting

Blending Kits :

Pink White with a trace of red
Purple Blue with a trace of red
Orange Yellow with trace of red
Gray White with a trace of black for shading

Important Info about Using Peg Away Putty

Applying Peg Away Putty is permanent and will void the warranty of the toy it is used on. No returns will be accepted on these toys.

By using this putty, you acknowledge awareness of, and assume the risks involved with, not getting a proper bond to adhere, and, your responsibility to create a shape or device that does not present a safety risk to you or others. Always check your work before each play session by giving your modifications a good tug. You also agree to assume full responsibility for the safety and effectiveness of the toys you create. SquarePegToys® or Mr. S Leather will not be liable for injury caused by your own design work or lack of obtaining a proper bond.

Images of completed work are only examples of what can be done with the Peg Away Putty™ kits, and are not a guarantee of what you will obtain. They are intended to demonstrate the amount of Peg Away Putty™ you might need in order to achieve your own personal design.

If you are unsure whether or not Peg Away Putty™ will adhere to a toy, test first with a small amount on the base of the toy. As formulas can change over time, assurances cannot be made when it comes to the reliability of Peg Away Putty™ adhering to product lines other than SquarePegToys®.

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