Square Peg Toys

Square Peg Toys Small Tree - Firm Black

Small Tree - Square Peg

Superb for strictly hole play. Beginner.

Smallest of the Tree designs; if you're experienced in any way you might find this one to be too small.

This is a type of toy that seems very common in most toy lines and continued requests convinced me to develop a few. Great for ring play, the somewhat abrupt angle at the base of each 'cone' creates lots of stimulation for those that need it. I particularly like the medium sized one for helping during cleanout, since the two small cones at the tip help to begin coaxing me open deep inside. I was sure to develop these so they could stand on their own.....no more struggling with large, floppy toys that are frustrating to play with. But they are still flexible enough to not feel stiff and unpleasant.

Circumference Insertable Length
4.5" - 7" (11.4 - 18 cm) 8.5" (21.6 cm)
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