Crackstuffers Jack Truncheon - 3 Sizes

The handle on the Jack Truncheon provides the perfect grip for your Daddy to shove this toy deep in your hole. This girthy hole wrecker will leave you open and sloppy when it’s done with you.

Jack Truncheon

Great for using on your own or with a buddy. Nice and smooth for easy entry, and a good handle to help maneuver it into just the right spots. Comes in 3 sizes, so no matter how experienced the hole is, you'll be able to give the prostate a good beating.

The Crackstuffers team is world renowned for their signature blue dildos, buttplugs, and butt toys of all shapes. Each design is carefully sculpted to give you the best ride. All their toys are made with a Phthalate free vinyl – sturdy yet soft, and easy to clean with soap and water. Do not use the dishwasher for these toys and store them separately from other silicone or latex toys.

Within the United States, these toys are sold exclusively at the one and only Mr. S Leather.


Length Insertable Length Diameter
Small 14.1" / 36cm 7.8" / 20cm 1.73" / 4.4cm
Medium 15" / 38cm 8.85" / 22.5cm 2.36" / 6cm
Large 16.1" / 41cm 10.23" / 26cm 2.75" / 7cm
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