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Better than all the rest lol.

Better than all the rest lol. On a serious note I've been a customer for over 10yrs. I stumbled across their website because I was searching for something I couldn't find anywhere, but they had it. Everything I've purchased from them over the years has been top quality, packaged and shipped with care. I also LOVE the personal notes they put in your box relating to what you got etc. You can't find any other store that gives you this high quality service. I hope one day I get to walk in your store in person and say thanks.


Loyal customer for almost 30 years…

I've been a customer for almost 30 years now, and my first piece of gear looks just as amazing as my most recent purchase. Everything from the quality of the leather, the scent, the workmanship, and the customer service is spectacular. Anytime I've had a problem, they've been there for me as well!


The Golden Standard

I cannot speak highly enough about Mr S Leather. The customer service is above and beyond. They only stock items and products that are very high quality and I trust the merchandise they offer because I know they’re as picky as I am, they wouldn’t sell a subpar product. Their website is extremely informative and easy to navigate. A fantastic store, full of amazing products, exemplary customer service, awesome deals and benefits to loyal customers and a real sense of community and pride in their business. Thanks guys!



WOOF! My partner and I have nothing but excellent service with Mr. S! Fast, friendly service and always a hand written thank you with our gear.


Effortless experience.

Great customer service which is hard to get these days! I myself work in customer service and know how difficult it is to create an effortless experience! The little message in the package is a great idea! Will definitely be ordering again from your wonderful company!


I've always had a wonderful experience…

I've always had a wonderful experience ordering from Mr. S. They have a solid reputation and back it up with their amazing customer service. The products they sell was very high quality and I trust what I'm ordering from them. (Plus I love the little hand written notes they include in the box, nice personal touch.) Orders are always fulfilled quickly and accurately and come in a discreet plain box if that matters to you. Seriously, I can't say enough good things.