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Leather Suspender & Harness Combo

Three looks in one amazing piece. Attach the clasps to your belt loops for a pair of suspenders or snap them to the O-ring on the back for a top harness. Some of the sexiest looks you can sport with your favorite jeans.

Leather Suspender & Harness Combo

Three hot pieces of gear in one! The Leather Suspender & Harness Combo is definitely a fine piece of leather craftsmanship that's been well appreciated - and it looks damn sexy too.

Starts as a sexy pair of suspenders: O-rings, buckles and our soft garment leather stitched under the front straps.

Simply unclip the front belt hooks, pass them under your pits and re-attach them at the rear center ring - you'll have a figure-eight styled harness in no time at all.

For another look, the back has snaps too. Just unsnap the back piece and you have a super sexy figure-eight harness you can wear without clipping to your belt loops. This configuration looks great with a hot jockstrap and a pair of boots.

Adjustable in three places so you get the fit you want.

One size fits most.

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