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Urethral Sounding

Curious about sounding? Find out why guys shoot huge, mind-blowing loads after a good sounding session.

Our collection encompasses two types of sounds:
(1) Pratt-style sounds: curved for navigating the urethral bend, have a hollow core (so they should not  be sanitized by immersion in boiling water), double-ended (both tips are smooth and rounded for insertion), and each half is a different diameter so you get two sizes in each sound.
(2) Dittel-style sounds: straight rods (require extra care when navigating the urethral bend toward the base of the cock), have a solid core (so they may be santizied by immersion in boiling water) and are single-ended (only one end may be inserted - the other end is wide and flat, for a more secure grip).

Whichever style you choose, sterile lube is a must. 

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