Inflatable Butt Plug with Firm Core - 3 Sizes

Each of these natural rubber plugs will stretch your hole wider with every pump of the bulb. Train your hole to take bigger and better things with these handy training plugs.

Inflatable Butt Plug with Firm Core - 3 Sizes

These butt plugs are a great intermediary inflatable that provides both depth and girth to your stretch. The firm core allows you to easily insert these rubber plugs and after a couple of pumps your hole will stretch wide to accept your new intruder.

Made of natural raw rubber and phthalate free. Use only water-based lubes or our Mr. S Bodyglide 100% Silicone Lube. Other lubes, especially oil based, will degrade rubber toys. Wash with warm water and dish soap. Store toy deflated and separately from other toys.

We recommend only inflating this toy to the dimensions below. Inflating too much can cause damage to the hitch and might break the rubber. We recommend inflating before you start playing so you know what to expect.


7 pumps max.
5.25" Circumference at widest point / 8" inflated
4" Circumference at base / 4.25" inflated
4.5" Length

10 pumps max.
6.5" Circumference at widest point / 10" inflated
5.25" Circumference at base / 6" inflated
5.5" Length

15 pumps max.
8.25" Circumference at widest point / 11.5" inflated
5.35" Circumference at base / 7.75" inflated
7" Length

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