Locking Stainless Steel Talon Collar

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The perfect collar for that special someone in your life. The Talon Collar is classy, fits under a dress shirt collar, and reminds your partner just who owns them.

Locking Stainless Steel Talon Collar

When you want something special for that special boy or partner, look no further than the Talon Collar.

This collar is made with brushed stainless steel, and ergonomically shaped to rest gently on your boy's shoulders like a prince wears his crown. With its seamless design and brushed stainless steel finish, this collar is a testament to the bond you've cultivated with your special boy.

The minimalist design of this collar allows for easy wear under collared shirts, and can fly under the radar if he needs to be discreet at work or in his day life.

Its stainless-steel construction will ensure nothing rusts or tarnishes - Safe for long term wear, sweaty sex, and in the shower or the pool.

Each collar comes with two hex keys - each with a hole that can be threaded onto a necklace or keyring.

If you'd like a connection point for a leash or rope, check out the Attachable Front Ring.


  • When locking the collar, be careful not to tighten the screws too hard to avoid stripping them.
  • When unlocking the collar, it is best to unscrew slowly so you don’t lose the small internal screw.
  • If you are having trouble inserting the back portion of the collar, make sure the locking screws are loosened enough that the pegs can slide easily into their sockets. Also make sure that you are inserting the correct peg into the correct socket – there should be holes on each peg that line up with the locking screws in the collar.
  • If you lose a screw or key, please call customer service to purchase a replacement.

Wrap a measuring tape around the neck, just above the height of the to-be wearer's shoulders. Do not wrap the tape too tightly. Round up to the nearest inch or half-inch. A good fit will have the collar resting just about on the clavicle.

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