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Neoprene Frisky Pup Hood - Cobalt

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This hood allows you naughty puppies to get a full range of motion with your jaw! Suckin' dick and eating butt has never been easier with a hood. You'll have full access to get as frisky as you want!

Neoprene Frisky Pup Hood - Cobalt

Introducing the Frisky Pup Hood! This puppy hood has been designed with more mischievous puppies in mind; we've forgone the standard chin piece in favor of an elastic band. This means you naughty puppies can get a full range of motion with your jaw! Go rooting around in daddy's pants for a bone, sip a drink at the bar while you take a break from your mosh, or bury your snout in a perky butt. You'll have full access to get as frisky as you want with this eye-catching puppy hood.

The Frisky Pup Hood is also great for guys with longer beards that don't like tucking it under a chin plate. Just pull your beard through and let the elastic band sit behind your facial hair.

As with our K9 Pup Hood and classic Puppy Hood, this model has pose-able ears so you can better show off your specific puppy personality, and a loop in the back so you can clip it to your belt with a carabiner when you're not wearing it. Additionally, ear holes come standard with this model, and we've given the muzzle a unique curve patterning that you won't find on our other hoods.

Currently stocked in Black, Red, White, and Cobalt. If you're looking for one of our other neoprene colors see our pre-order page.

Our cobalt puppy hood pairs well with the rest of our neoprene gear!

Care & Cleaning

You can hand wash these hoods in the sink with a little dish soap and room-temperature water. Avoid detergents with dyes and scents. Hang dry only - do not apply heat.

Head Sizing

Brow Circumference Chin Over Crown
Medium 22" - 23" (56 cm - 58.5 cm) 26" (66 cm)
Large 23" - 24" (59 cm - 61 cm) 27" (69 cm)
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