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Silicone Drooler Gag - 3 Sizes

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Muffle your boy's moans with the 100% Silicone Drooler Gag. He'll be making a mess all over your floor with this one, so make sure you set down a tarp.

Silicone Drooler Gag

Due to the gag placement and length of the straps, this gag will not fit everyone. We only recommend it for those with a gag measurement of 20” and under*.

The Silicone Drooler Gag shoves a cylindrical gag deep into your boy's mouth, wrenching open his jaw with semi-soft silicone, and locks in place with the provided lock. He won't be able to help but drool all over himself while he's subject to whatever you dish out. His moans will be muffled and he won't be able to mouth off.

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We recommend the small or medium for normal sized mouths, and the large size for really big mouths or sadistic scenes.

Strap length 15.5" to 20.5" when buckled.
Small: 4.75" circumference.
Medium: 5.5" circumference.
Large: 6.375" circumference.

*To determine your gag measurement, use a paper of cloth measuring tape. Start at your mouth, go around the back of your head where the straps would sit, and back to the starting point to get your gag circumference measurement.

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