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Square Peg Toys The Slim - SuperSoft Bronze

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This innovative toy is designed to help you work on your gag reflex. Train your throat with the tapered design so you’re ready to take on the real deal. 

The Slim - SuperSoft Bronze

With its tapered form and super soft silicone, this toy is really great for beginner depth training - not just for your hole, but for your throat as well! (Mr. S Leather doesn't recommend using the same toy for both purposes).

The Slim is uniquely thin and bendy - designed to slide in deep and reach past your second ring effortlessly. This toy is fantastic for beginner pigs looking to familiarize themselves with their second sphincter. It's wide base gives the toy a solid foundation to bounce your hole on, and can even be inserted into one of our butt plug harnesses if you're looking to tickle that second hole while you're doing chores or jackin' off.

If you or your boy is having trouble with learning to swallow a particularly long dick, this toy can also help you get past that pesky gag reflex. Spend some time each day using this toy to fill your throat, and you'll be well on your way to throating some big dick. Your gag reflex will be no match for this toy.


Height Head Circumference Shaft Circumference
11.5" / 29 cm 3.2" / 8 cm 4.4" / 11 cm

Insight from SquarePegToys

"For myself, I quickly discovered The Slim to be one of those tools I was missing in my own tool box for oral play: a thin bendy tool with a smooth surface, ample base, and just the hint of a head on it. I’ve been exploring throat play with some of my other toys like Small Slink, Nathan Actual, Leo Small, and using those I discovered my need for such a particular size and shape to do things those other toys weren’t doing."

- Scott, SquarePegToys

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