MyStim Bi-Polar Electro Clamps

These Bi-polar Electro Clamps by MyStim are great for stimulating areas of your body while you're rubbing one out - nipples, balls, even lips are all fair game!

MyStim Bi-Polar Electro Clamps

Stroke your cock while your nipples get a nice jolt of electricity. Our boy tried these out for the first time and was begging us to let him cum within 10 minutes. It’s an experience like no other. Also great for use on other parts of the body like your boy’s nuts or lips when you’re feeling extremely devious.

We don’t normally encourage use of electricity above the waist but the bi-polar design of each individual clamp ensures the current does not run across your body. Instead it flows from point to point on each clamp. Can be used alone or together.

The plates on these clamps ensure a steady flow of current. Screws on the side allow you to adjust the tension so they clamp just right on your nipples or other body parts.

A power box is required to operate this toy - not included.

Sold by the pair.

Precautions to consider before using this or any other electrical toy:
- Anyone with electronic or metal implants (e.g. pacemakers) should not use without consulting their physician first. The same applies for persons with heart defects, arrhythmia or someone who may be pregnant.
- Never let the electricity flow through your heart or brain. Also never stimulate the larynx or throat region. Muscle spasms in this region may cause suffocation.
- Only use on healthy skin.

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