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Four Buckle Hand Restraints

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Four Buckle Hand Restraints 

About 10 years ago, we came up with our original idea for the 3 Buckle Hand Restraint for bondage. 

Since then we have sold a few Thousand pairs and watched as the design was knocked off by other "low end" companies. 

At IML we saw some of these knock offs being sold for $139.00 ($30.00 cheaper than our 3 buckle restraints). I went over and checked them out and I'll be honest with you, I wouldn't hang my cat from these copies. Cheap cardboard leather and light weight non-welded D-Ring hardware is not what you should be using in suspension devices where people's safety is at stake. But most of these other companies are mostly concerned about cheapness, not quality. 

We now introduce our upgraded 4 Buckle Hand Restraint. 

This newer version has a thicker padded leather. 

A fourth strap and buckle that goes around the wrist. This gives even more support to the wrist and keeps it held in a upright position even more than the 3 Buckle Restraints. 

Not only that but it looks awesome strapped around your hands. Perfect for anchoring the hands above your head even being flogged. 

These restraints are cut ergonomically to provide plenty of support over the head bondage positions and spread pressure more evenly to allow for heavier scenes. It is not recommended to practice suspension bondage by the wrist with any gear. 

Very good also for spread-eagle bondage. 

We use only the finest and strongest leather hides and metal welded D-Ring hardware. 

As with many of our long-time customers, many are still using their original pair of the 3 Buckle Hand Restraints from 10 years ago.

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