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Hankey's Toys Boss Hogg - 5 Sizes

Master his ass with the Boss Hogg dildo from Hankey's Toys. 100% platinum grade silicone for 100% ass-destruction.

Boss Hogg - 5 Sizes

Do you think you can take the Boss Hogg all the way? The smooth texture and hefty shaft on this toy will have your hole puckering. This cock is supersized! It gives you a completely full feeling while stretching you well past open. One of the most popular toys in the Hankey's Toys line.

Texture: Smooth/Light Texture.

Hankey’s Toys

For a hole busting good time, look no further than Hankey’s Toys. These toys are XXX-Large in size but not in price.

Crafted from Hankey’s Toys “75% Soft” silicone that is not too soft and not too rigid – so it’s just right! The platinum cure silicone means these toys are compatible with all lubes. Wash with warm water and dish soap. Store separately from other toys.

Vac-U-Lock Compatible: Put these fuckers in a dildo harness or fucking machine and open your hole farther than it ever has before.

Releasing agents may be present when you get your toy. They protect it during the manufacturing process and during shipping. It’s harmless, but wash the toy before first use and you’re good to go.


Circumference near head (rim): 7.00" / 17.78cm
Circumference near middle: 9.00" / 22.86cm
Circumference near base: 8.00" / 20.32cm
Overall length: 10.00" / 25.40cm
Insertable length: 9.00" / 22.86cm
Strapon Ring Size: 2.50" / 6.35cm

Circumference near head (rim): 7.50" / 19.05cm
Circumference near middle: 10.00" / 25.40cm
Circumference near base: 8.75" / 22.23cm
Overall length: 11.25" / 28.58cm
Insertable length: 10.25" / 26.04cm
Strapon Ring Size: 2.50" / 6.35cm

Circumference near head (rim): 9.00" / 22.86cm
Circumference near middle: 11.80" / 29.97cm
Circumference near base: 10.75" / 27.31cm
Overall length: 13.00" / 33.02cm
Insertable length: 12.00" / 30.48cm
Strapon Ring Size: 3.00" / 7.62cm

Circumference near head (rim): 9.50" / 24.13cm
Circumference near middle: 13.00" / 33.02cm
Circumference near base: 11.25" / 28.58cm
Overall length: 14.00" / 35.56cm
Insertable length: 13.00" / 33.02cm
Strapon Ring Size: NA

Circumference near head (rim): 10.25" / 26.04cm
Circumference near middle: 14.50" / 36.83cm
Circumference near base: 12.25" / 31.12cm
Overall length: 14.65" / 37.21cm
Insertable length: 13.65" / 34.67cm
Strapon Ring Size: NA

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