Hanky - Various Colors

Bandanas - Various Colors

Let the world know what you're into! Check out the list below to see what colors you should be flagging to find that Daddy or pig of your dreams. Each cotton hanky is approximately 22" square. Currently available in the following colors:

Hanky Code
Left Side Right Side
Red Fister Fistee
Orange Anything Nothing Now
Gold 2 Looking For 1 1 Looking For 2
Yellow Pisser Piss Lover
Pale Yellow Spitter Spit Lover
Kelly Green Hustler John
Hunter Green Daddy Boy
Teal C&B Torturer C&B Torturee
Light Blue Wants head Expert Cocksucker
Medium Blue Cop Cop-Sucker
Navy Blue Fucker Fuckee
Purple Piercer Piercee
Dark Pink Tit Torturer Tit Torturee
Light Pink Dildo Fucker Dildo Fuckee
Beige Rimmer Rimmee
Rust Cowboy Pony
Brown Scat Top Scat Bottom
Black Heavy S/M Top Heavy S/M Bottom
Red/Black Heavy S/M Top Heavy S/M Bottom
Charcoal Latex Fetish Top Latex Fetish Bottom
Light Grey Bondage Top Bondage Bottom
White Beat My Meat I'll Do Us Both
Woodland Camo Military Top Military Bottom
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