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Head Trip Blindfold

The Head Trip Blindfold combines everything you need in a blindfold into one sexy piece that'll leave your boy vulnerable and ready for anything you dish out.

Head Trip Blindfold

The Head Trip Blindfold uses bits and pieces of all our previous blindfold models to create a blindfold that checks every box you'd need it to.

Following the design of the Ultimate Blindfold, we've included the padding that rests just below the eye socket. The deep curve of the cushions prevents all light from penetrating the mask, while avoiding putting any pressure on the eyeballs/eye lids like our Fetters Padded Blindfold design. This means you can cinch this blindfold down as tight as you need and keep it on your boy for much longer. In the back, we've taken the double strap system of our Ultra Blindfold and upgraded the hardware to a pair of black d-rings that grip the elastic tighter than previous models, and keeps things nice and secure no matter how much he struggles.

Each blindfold is carefully constructed with soft garment leather with a lambskin inner lining that will feel great on your boy's face. The latigo strip across the front adds a little structure to the piece, while giving it a little more edge that'll look great on your boy in any dungeon setting.

We guarantee this blindfold will replace anything you've currently got in your bondage closet, and you'll never need another one.

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