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Hog Tie Connector with Clip Ends

Our Hog Tie Connector is the quickest way to get your boy in the position you want him. Clip ends fit perfectly into the D-rings on any of our restraints. When you have your boy hogtied he’s just a piece of meat for you to use!

Hog Tie Connector with Clip Ends

We have found these little connectors to be fantastic if you like to Hog Tie your boys. You can have your boy tied up in minutes with minimum fuss! This style can be used by yourself for Solo Hog Tie Position which is very difficult to do without these.

The secret is the quick-clip connector ends that allow you to attach these to your wrist and ankle restraints, even behind your own back.

As with all of our products, we tested this design thoroughly to make sure there were no weak points. It's a tough job doing Mr. S Quality Control! But you'll know the minute you pick these up that they were designed and manufactured by real players.

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