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Mr. S Bodyglide Premium Silicone Lube

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When you want a great glide for the entire ride, Bodyglide is the silicone lube for you.  A little goes a long way; this high quality lube will stay slick for an astonishingly long time.


Mr. S Bodyglide Lube

Our Mr. S Bodyglide is a 100% silicone, universal lube. We don’t add any extra vitamins or aloe like other brands, so your rubber, latex, pvc, and silicone toys are all compatible with this super slick lubricant. We've put this lube to the test on a range of toys we carry including silicone toys, with great results.

A little goes a long way; since it’s pure silicone, this lube will maintain it’s viscosity for an astonishingly long time – giving you a great glide for the entire ride!

This lube is also great as an alternative to talcum powder for slipping into latex gear, and can be used to give it a good shine if you don’t have any polish on you.

You will not find another silicone lube of this quality for this price. We’re sure that you’ll love this lube as much as we do!

Ingredients Dimethicone, Dimethiconal, Cyclomethicone
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