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Neo Bold Color Armband: Custom Colors

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A great splash of color that pairs well with any of our neoprene garments.

Neo Bold Color Armband: Custom Colors

For all of you guys who like color in your gear, our custom color neoprene line delivers. We use the same neoprene colors we offer in our Neoprene Puppy Hoods and brought it to some of our best-selling gear. The colors on these Armbands will put your guns prominently on display. Choose the neoprene and binding color combo that suits you best.

We’ve taken the soft, matte side of neoprene and bound it in our nylon/spandex trim. Slips on nice and easy. No snaps or buckles to fiddle with. Measures approximately 1 ¾” in thickness.

Piss, sweat, and cum friendly! Easy to hand clean with just a little bit of dish soap and room-temperature water. Air dry.

Sold individually.

Please allow for a 4-5 week production time. White, Lime, and Yellow Trim require the machine to be cleaned before production - these colors include a $10 cleaning fee.

Bicep Sizing

Inches Centimeters
Small 11" - 12" 28 - 30 cm
Medium 12" - 13" 30 - 33 cm
Large 13" - 14" 33 - 36 cm
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