Pecard Leather Dressing - 6oz

Pecard Leather Dressing keeps oil-tanned leather supple and healthy, while conditioning it to resist moisture of all kinds.

Pecard Leather Dressing

A fantastic leather dressing for single tails and boots; keeps leather supple, strong, and beautiful. It cleans, conditions, preserves and weatherproofs all smooth oil-tanned leathers. Allows the leather to breathe. Buffs to a soft shine.

How to apply:

First, clean the leather - Mr S recommends Saddle Soap. While the leather is still damp use a soft lint-free cloth to apply a small amount of dressing to the leather. Work in a circular motion to work the dressing into the fibers. Continue to do this to all exposed leather parts of the article. There should only be a light sheen on the surface of the leather after working the dressing in. Buff vigorously all areas with a clean cloth to melt the surface waxes to a nice shine.

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