Sheets of San Francisco

Sheets of SF Pillow Case

When you want to prop your boy's ass up, these rubber pillow cases make sure your pillows stay stain free. Made from the same material as our fuck sheets. Designed for hardcore play. Proudly made in SF by Sheets of San Francisco.  

Rubber Pillow Case

Sometimes you just want to rest your head after your balls to the wall fuck-fest. Hey, you’ll be ready to go again in 10 minutes anyway. The guys who produce our Fitted Fuck Sheets created these pillow cases at our request. Same quality 2-ply laminated fabric. They look and feel fucking great. You might just want to make these your everyday pillow cases.

Fold over pocket at the entry point helps keep the pillow secure.

60% polyester / 40% polyurethane.

Cold wash, tumble dry low temperature/delicate. No bleach, iron, or dry cleaning.

Proudly made in SF in Sheets of San Francisco.

Sold individually.

19.5” x 29”.

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