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Tri Sling Frame

Our innovative Tri Sling Frame was designed with city pigs in mind. The triangular footprint takes up significantly less space than traditional frames and allows you to fit it into tight corners.

Tri Sling Frame

This page is for the Tri Sling frame ONLY. Sling and chains required to use the frame are sold separately. Additional accessories are available below.

We’ve worked hard to bring you a sling we know you guys would love and it’s finally here! Our objectives were to create something that met the following criteria:
  • A lightweight design that would travel easy (including on the plane)
  • A system that would fit into tighter spaces, or spaces with less room
  • A sling stand design that was group sex friendly
With our Tri Sling Frame and our lightweight sling accessories, our dream can now be your reality. By using Y-Bar Connectors instead of the traditional X-Bar Connectors we’ve removed four bars to really open up the area around the sling and cut down on the overall weight. This new design will more easily fit into corners so it can be less obtrusive in your sex space. With the removal of the four bars we’ve been able to take the weight of the frame from approximately 51lbs. down to 34lbs. - making this our lightest sling stand ever. Plus, it’s even easier for that second guy to come in and feed you his cock while your hole is getting worked over!

Made from a sturdy steel construction that can handle up to 350lbs. Set up and tear down can be done by just one person, requires no tools and takes just a few minutes. Check out our video to see the assembly process.

  1. Attach 3 horizontal base pieces to 1 Y-Cross piece with the feet on the ground
  2. Attach 3 pairs from the 6 vertical poles and insert 1 pair onto each horizontal base piece
  3. Attach one horizontal top bar to one vertical pole and then the remaining Y-Cross piece
  4. Continue to attach the horizontal top bars into the vertical poles and the Y-Cross piece
  5. You may need to attach the last horizontal top bar into the Y-Cross piece before attaching it to the vertical pole
  6. Using 3 pear clips, hang your 3 chains from the 3 interior corners of the stand so that they hang down
  7. Attach sling with 3 more pear clips to the preferred link in the chain to set optimal height - adjust as necessary
  8. Attach your stirrups and get fuckin'

This is an Oversize/Heavyweight item and will have a shipping fee calculated at checkout.


73.5" (186.7 cm)43" (109 cm)65" (164 cm)34 lbs
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