Whether you're fisting or playing with large toys, K-Lube gives you the slickness you need to get to the next level. Body safe and easy to mix for hours of hole exploration.  


K Lube is a long lasting, nondrying, powder-based lubricant. Simply add water and shake - then watch the powder dissolve into a super slick lube that’s perfect for fisting or toy play.

Follow the recommended ratios on the bottle, or adjust the ratios to match whatever consistency you need! Add a little powder for a thicker, gel-like consistency, or add less powder for a more watery consistency. When following the recommended ratios, one bottle will make approximately 20 liters of lube when mixed.

Made by gay men, for gay men, so K-Lube is completely inert and non-irritating. Cleans easily with soap and water. Condom safe and friendly to all toys.

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